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Good morning! Today I finally got my new site,The Veggie Stand, off the ground! It only took three days of not sleeping and harassing tech support to do it, but I got it done. Just kidding about the tech support, … Continue reading

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Why Do Smart Women Date Abusive Men? Now on HuffPost

Good Afternoon Everyone, If you haven’t yet read this article please check it out and by all means, feel free to share and comment! Why do smart women date abusive men? I was asked this question countless times as I … Continue reading

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Where the Heart Lies

Where the Heart Lies.

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I Am a Priority Not an Option

Believe it or not, even with the career success I’ve had thus far, my life is far from perfect. I am of course grateful for the opportunities I’ve gained and work hard every day to become better and better. Being … Continue reading

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The Only Existing Footage of Anne Frank

Recently a friend shared with me a short video clip called. “The Only Existing Video Footage of Anne Frank.” The video is only twenty seconds long. It gives the viewer a brief snap shot of a street in Amsterdam during … Continue reading

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What Do Mean People Hate the Most?

There is one thing that drives mean people crazy. It can drive them into fury and attack mode.  Half the time the catalyst doesn’t even realize they did anything infuriating. When I was a school kid, I got bullied big … Continue reading

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Rape and Gender Bias

A friend recently brought an article to my attention about a seasoned sexual assault detective who, after years on the job, was sexually assaulted. Aside from the irony of the victim’s profession, I read the article to see why else … Continue reading

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