Journey, Hayley Rose, Copyright 2005

Hayley’s Comments is a place where I share my own stories to help and encourage others on their journeys towards healing and introspection. I also write about life in general, vegetarianism, being kind to all of Earth’s creatures, and art.

3 Responses to About

  1. Alex says:

    Just read your article on Huffington Post. Yes I agree these two scumbags will probably never see a day in jail for this particular crime, but you know there are a lot of vigilantes out there that would help you get your justice. I know a lot of people don’t condone that type of behavior but sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands.

  2. monicat says:

    Hi, Haley! I read your article of the Huff. Post. Congrats on all your success with the publications. I’m especially grateful because I have also experienced something like this, and I have just wanted to forget about it and never talk about it again, but sometimes the only way to heal is to be honest about your truth, sharing your experience with the world, and giving a voice to something that is many times not taken seriously in our society where the victim is blamed. But, what one learned from the experience is the most important, and often the lesson is self-love. I want to write a book someday, and I’m looking for the courage to be honest and give a voice to some of my truths. I am inspired by your courage and strength. Thank You.;)

    • Hayley Rose says:

      Hi Monicat,
      Speaking your truth can be difficult at first- you have to be strong, I’m sure you can do it! It won’t be easy but once it’s off your chest and people understand why you are you and how this shaped your life you will feel more yourself than you have in a while- you will be free! Thank-you and please stop by my site anytime! Best of luck! Hayley

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