Weekly Angelic Guidance: Self-care


If you’re thirsty have a drink. If you’re hungry eat . It’s time to start listening to your inner guidance instead of everyone around you. Take time to reflect and listen to what your soul and spirit need.

Make sure you’re not giving to the point of creating lack in your own life. As an indigo, you feel compassion for the world because of your divine mission. As a result, you sometimes become generous to a fault. You may not see this as a problem. However, this card is telling you that you must be aware of your own needs in life.

Make sure that you’re doing enough for yourself so that you don’t suffer due to your generosity. Allow yourself to feel how great it is to have your needs met, and trust that those around you are guided by either angels to ensure that all of theirs are taken care of, too. You are here on earth to help, but you’re not everyone’s problem solver. The greatest gift you could give others is to ask their angels to awake it and guide them to their unique purpose.

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