I’m Launching a New Site: The Veggie Stand

Since vegetarianism and animals rights are such specific subjects, I decided to branch out from Hayley’s Comments and create The Veggie Stand; a site devoted to both those things! I will still write about these subjects on Hayley’s Comments but I will be writing more extensively about them on The Veggie Stand

I will be officially launching The Veggie Stand on Monday August 1st. The Veggie Stand is going to be a place that not only supports animal rights, discusses the benefits of vegetarianism, and shares recipes, it will also have comic strips, discuss some of the spiritual aspects of vegetarianism and nature, and sometimes have environmental discussions as well. If you are interested in subscribing to this blog please enter your email address into the righthand corner at The Veggie Stand.com and hit subscribe or you can follow me on Twitter @TheVeggieStand.

Have a great weekend!


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1 Response to I’m Launching a New Site: The Veggie Stand

  1. mandiztruth says:

    that is great you made a choice and i hope it works for the best. I will try my best to keep checking in on the veggie stand every once in a while.Tho i am no longer a vegetarian i still love to know how my once fellow veggie heads are doing.cant wait hope this site it known world wide Hayls

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