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Ask Hayley: Round Two

I’m bringing Ask Hayley back to see how it goes this time. Ask Hayley was a column I wrote for Gender Across Borders where people would write to me with questions about healing, relationships, and life after sexual assault. I … Continue reading

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Weekly Update

Hi Everyone! A lot of news this week. First, I want to thank everyone for responding to my “Finish my sentence” exercise. It went really well, and there were a lot of great responses! Secondly, my article “The Worst Piece of … Continue reading

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OPEN CALL: Finish My Sentence

We have been given every reason under the sun to explain the ever rising costs of gas. Egypt, Libya, and now the yearly Memorial Day gas scam. I want to hear your ideas as to why the gas prices continue … Continue reading

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Beating the Devil Around the Stump

Beat the devil around the stump- to evade responsibility or a difficult task. Old Western terminology. What’s wrong with this country. Well a lot, but let’s start with healthcare. The United States is the only country of it’s caliber (“civilized,” … Continue reading

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Simplify: Removing Alcohol and Meat from My Life

What happens when you remove both meat and alcohol from your life? Some people would consider living in this type of existence hell. I myself once felt that completely removing alcohol from my life would never happen. I liked my … Continue reading

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Rape and Gender Bias

A friend recently brought an article to my attention about a seasoned sexual assault detective who, after years on the job, was sexually assaulted. Aside from the irony of the victim’s profession, I read the article to see why else … Continue reading

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I Am a Rape Survivor Part Two: Turning Self-Abuse Into Self-Nurturing

Societies have stigmas. These typically vary from country to country and are based on outliers that differ from what a society deems normal. An unusual physical attribute or a mental or physical disability is sometimes enough to generate harsh judgment … Continue reading

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