Shamanism: Reading the Signs of Your Life

Painting by Hayley Rose

Who says Shaman have to be traditional Native medicine people grandfathered in by an ancient lineage of metaphysical healers? This is what most people think of when they hear the term ‘shaman.’ The truth is that anyone can begin the spiritual practice of reading the signs around them, no journey quest required!

You already possess all you need to begin interpreting the signs of your life and the personal power to mend and treat whatever is ailing your body or soul. Below I described three important steps that will help you read your own signs.

Step 1:  Tune In As the famous American writer and transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Life is a journey, not a destination.”  This is certainly true, and no successful modern-day journey is ever completed without a good GPS system (and at least an average electronic literacy for reading and interpreting its coordinating signs and signals). Picture this: you’re in your car, you’ve typed your destination into the GPS, but before you can go anywhere, you still have to wait until the GPS acquires a satellite signal.

To successfully read and interpret the signs of your life, you must tune in to the universe around you by clearing all the useless clutter out of your mind. It is helpful of course if you already live mindfully. You can clear your clutter in a variety of ways: through meditation, chanting, yoga, gardening, or whatever activity that makes you feel centered.

Now that you are centered, it is time to put on your seat belt. It is never necessary to go to expensive psychics or shaman, because you are the utmost expert in the study of you. You know you best and must use your knowledge of self and your own personal symbolism to interpret the signs that your spirit guides and friends in the universe send you everyday. Below are some of the easiest ways to do this.

Step 2: Ask Your Guides for Guidance The most helpful and easiest way to get direct answers to your life’s most important questions is to just ask! Angels are said to be messengers sent by God to assist people in times of peril and need. Theoretically, angels are not allowed to help you unless you ask for that help, (as to not disrupt your mortal free will).

There are many different ways to ask the universe, God, angels, a deceased loved one, or specific deities, for guidance. Many people do this through prayer, deep concentration, and meditation. You may also find it helpful to write the universe, a deceased friend or relative, a letter.

Step 3: Interpret the Response So you’ve asked for guidance and you’re ready to read the signs in your life. There are many ways the unniverse will respond to your questions. These responses can come in many forms during the day or at night. Below is a list of a few types of responses that you can look out for.

Mental Images Many times in response to your question, the spirit world puts a picture or vision in your mind.  The spirit world often communicates with us telepathically. You may suddenly have a new idea that sprung from “nowhere” or an image that flashes into your mind and magically provides you with the solution to your problems. Mental images are actually a technique strongly utilized by both modern day psychics and shaman.

Dreams You may be confused about a situation and ask your guides all sorts of questions but feel like you’re not getting any useful or timely responses. Sometimes your dreams hold the answer.

Sleeping On It  Ask yourself a question before you go to sleep. The first thought or feeling in your head when you wake up usually provides you with an answer that cuts to the heart of the problem. When you have a pressing issue and ask for guidance about it before you go to sleep at night, the answer should be the first thing in your head when you wake up.

Nature and Totems In many cultures, each individual animal or insect has a specific meaning. You must develop an awareness of the animals and nature around you. In addition to each animals specific meaning, there are countless tales of representative animals, animals that may have a personal meaning to you. For example, sometimes when a loved one dies, a mysterious animal frequently begins to appear in your sight.

Road Signs Sometimes we get our answers from the spirit world literally from billboards, actual road signs, and other forms of media.  Sometimes when you are trying to get an answer to a question, the answer might be right in front of your face on an actual sign.

Songs Often times, songs work in response to our daily ruminations.

Angels in the Outfield Oftentimes prayers are answered through the helping hands of a stranger or friend. Many times these angels come in the form of real people who are at the right place at the right time. Out of nowhere a stranger gives you a business card of the contact you’ve been trying to get for weeks. Maybe you overhear a conversation that pertains to a situation you’ve been meditating on.

Ask Yourself If your mind is in a peaceful state you can ask a question silently to yourself and quickly receive the answer. You will find that a response to your question pops into your head almost instantly. Keep in mind you must emotionally distance yourself from the results to get an accurate answer.

All of these omens are there for the purpose of aiding you and your personal journey. To be read your own signs and become your own shaman, you merely need aware and open mind which will allow you to first recognize and secondly interpret the signs along your journey.

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