How to Find Your Passion


Image Via Detritus

I have found the “secret” to identifying your passion. It’s not like all those other “how to find your passion,” articles you may have read. The method I discovered is obvious- and if you hadn’t already figured it out, you’re about to have one of those- But Dorothy, you’ve always had the power to go back to Kansas– moments.

One weekend, I discovered the route to this information. After a long weekend away wound down, I increasingly found myself itching to get home so I could write. It was all I could think about. I didn’t feel relieved until I finally got in the door, turned on my computer, and started to type.

I was having so much fun playing with words, that in the midst of writing I made a connection.  I felt the same about writing as school children felt about recess. As a kid, I remember spending the whole day in a droning classroom environment, until finally after lunch, the recess bell rang. Free at last! We ran out to the playground and completely lost track of time as we played and swung from one monkey bar to the next.

There should be a sign on my door warning: Writer at play, because I have so much fun doing it. I love the little worlds I create with each and every phrase.

Whenever I am not writing, I take time to work on my other passion, obsessively organizing my sea glass and other beach treasures. For some reason, this is really relaxing (although frustrating at times).  Like writing, it takes my mind off everything for a while as I focus on the little pieces of glass, sorting them into different color categories before placing them into designated jars.  That is just part of the process, I also occasionally go to the beach to search for new additions to my collections. To me these aforementioned activities feel like “play” as opposed to work, and that is how I determined they were my passions.

Photograph by Hayley Rose, Copyright 2011


Sunset in Bridgeport, Connecticut during one of my sea glass excursions

Some Questions to Help You Identify Your Passion

1.     What activity do you look forward to doing the most?

Photograph by Hayley Rose, Copyright 2011


Beach stones from Rhode Island

2.     Which activity gives you a feeling reminiscent of when you played as a child?

Photograph by Hayley Rose, Copyright 2011


More Beach stones from Rhode Island

3. During which activity does it feel like no time has passed, when in fact you’ve been engaged in it for several hours?

Photograph by Hayley Rose, Copyright 2011


My extended sea glass collection: dark green, green, lime green, opaque green, opaque blue, violet, clear, opaque white, honey brown, dark brown

4. What activity do you find is genuinely fun and rarely feels like work?

Photograph by Hayley Rose, Copyright 2011


Some very unique pieces show letters and designs

Original photographs by Hayley Rose,  Copyright 2011

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