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Fiction Friday IX- Open Call

This Friday, I participated in Rita’s Fiction Friday IX- Open Call Rita’s Guidelines Were:   “Write a story using all the weapons in the original Clue game:  a knife, a wrench, a lead pipe, a candlestick, a revolver and a rope.  The fun … Continue reading

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The People You Meet While Working in a Nursing Home

Years ago I worked as a receptionist for slave wages at a local nursing home. For the most part, I had nothing in common with anyone. I made a few friends in the office. They were great people but were … Continue reading

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I Am a Rape Survivor Part Two: My Scarlet Letter and Breaking Addiction

Societies have stigmas. These typically vary from country to country and are based on outliers that differ from what a society deems normal. An unusual physical attribute, a mental or physical disability, is sometimes enough to generate harsh judgment and … Continue reading

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Shamanism: Reading the Signs of Your Life

Who says Shaman have to be traditional Native medicine people grandfathered in by an ancient lineage of metaphysical healers? This is what most people think of when they hear the term ‘shaman.’ The truth is that anyone can begin the … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays and My Weekly Update

Wow! A lot of cool things going on this week!!

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Fiction Friday: Rory’s Story Cubes Week Two, an Open Call

Last week I shared my new game “Rory’s Story Cubes” with my friends in the Blogosphere. Together we came up with some great stories and even got the attention of Rory’s Story Cubes themselves! This week, I’ve posted a new … Continue reading

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Karma, Kinda

My grandmother drove a powder blue Monte Carlo. Whenever she drove anywhere, she was constantly approached by men and teenage boys who wanted to buy her car. She had no interest in selling it. She loved that car intensely and … Continue reading

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